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  • Robert's Reviews - August 2017
    Updated On: Aug 01, 2017
    ROBERT DAVIS, PBA Sergeant-At-Arms

    The month of August is here and this year is flying by. It's a busy month as usual with all the retirees leaving. It seems I may not able to make it to all of the parties, but let me tell you, that’s a good problem to have. My congratulations to all the retirees. May you live long and in good health. 

    Now back to the people that still have to work. Last month I had to testify on behalf of officers that are being affected by the 10% days off changes made by the department. Yes, I said testify. This wasn’t my first time doing so, however, it was my biggest case and hopefully by the printing of this article, we will have a resolution that I will have emailed you about. 

    On a lighter note, I was informed by several officers about the A/C situation at TGK. After a tour of the facility, the officers' complaints were found to be very valid. With the assistance of Lt. Jose Mendez, I was able to talk to maintenance and found out not only was the equipment needed for the repairs in the building but, for no real reason, the equipment wouldn’t be installed for an additional two and a half weeks. I explained the situation to Capt. Jenney Bailey and she assured me that the timetable would be speed up and I'm happy to say that, within two days, repairs to the A/C were being made. Situations like this illustrate how Corrections and the PBA can work hand in hand to assist officers in solving issues without fear of reprisal. 

    I just found out Corrections has decided to start sending supervisors to employees homes that call in sick. I must say sometimes you hear things and it just makes you say, why? Nevermind that this was done before and it didn’t work then and it wont work now. No other department, MDPD or FD, resorts to this type of harassment but we want to be respected like the rest of those organizations. The argument will be they don’t have a call in problem like Corrections. Maybe that’s  because they work with their staff and allow flexibility when it comes to days off other than a vacation. Or maybe it’s because those other organizations focus on punishing those individuals that abuse the system and not everyone that simply calls in. Trust me, this is one of those old things that they try to bring back, but how long will it last? And I hear they’re hiring overtime for this. Wow, who’s going to explain that to the Mayor? Trust me, it won’t last long. For those PBA members that for whatever reason get a “U” because you were sick and didn’t answer the door, please contact the PBA so we can fight to get your proper time used. I wonder what they would do for me - I live in a gated community and certainly would not allow guest if I were sick (just saying). 

    A special thanks to all of my PBA reps out there that keep me informed about what's needed at the facilities. You guys make my job so much easier. Thank you. 

    As always, in closing, stay safe out there.

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